XRAJU.COM These are PREMIUM DOMAINS FOR SALE with Moz metrics calculated on newly launched Moz 2.0 that provides accurate Moz DA PA and other metrics. Setup your websites on these Premium Domains and get upto a Million Backlinks readily pointing to your Website along with High DA PA metrics.

Selling Domains xraju.com that already have BL, DA, PA (good for SEO) full control, just use it. Backlinks are listed in the "BL" column.

Website Authority xraju.com :

Domain Authority32
Page Authority39
Moz Total Backlink4K
Alexa Rank2,890,128
Age1Y, 73D
Expired Domain2022-04-17


- Update page DA PA Checker xraju.com on June 01, 2021 Last Update: June 30, 2021 Do remember that metrics can be a little fickle at times and can change so do your proper due diligence when purchasing, please CLICK HERE to update (input xraju.com and www.xraju.com).

- The above stats are current. After the domain is sold/transferred, I'm not liable for any drop in DA PA, TF CF, Backlinks, etc. as I DO NOT control them and they might fluctuate (go up or down) due to various algorithmic updates of Moz, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs and likewise.

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Price: $99
Order : xraju.com

$99 : xraju.com

Age: 1Y, 73D Year Old
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